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Wings Of Angels

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Wings Of Angels Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords. © Des Wade 2010 APRA & All Rights Reserved.

Des Wade Songs

A                                 D            A
Could I command the wings of angels
A                                      E
Order them to where you lie
A               D                             A
To lift you up while you are sleeping
                     E                 A
And lay you down by my side
A                           D           A
If by my hand the winds of heaven
A                                            E
In cloudy arms transport the rain
A                      D                             A
To grace your days with rainbow ribbons
               E                                 DA
* And by night wash clean your pain
D        A
You are everything to me
Bm                 A
Is tú grá geal mo chroí
D             A
You are everything to me
    Bm                       A
** Is tú grá geal mo chroí

Could I control the turning seasons
Place the seeds in nature’s room
From my heart the flowers of summer
Would all arise and for you bloom

* Alternate lines
And in the nighttime ease your pain
And by night sing this refrain
While in the night this truth remains

** Translation
You are the bright love of my heart

Sciatháin na nAingeal (Wings of Angels) (Des Wade/Dónal Dalton)
{Leagan Gaeilge - by Dónal Dalton - of the song Wings of Angels}
Dá mbeinnse i bhfeighil, (i) sciatháin na n-aingeal, chuig teach do luí, d'ordóinn iad                                 
If I were tending the wings of the angels, to the house you lie in, I would order them 
Is tú chun ardú,  i do shuaimhneas, is tú sín(te) siar, i lár mo chroí                                                                   
To raise you up, in your slumber and to lay you down in the centre of my heart
i gcoillte ‘s sléibhte, bheinn cadhan aonair, dá mbeinnse naofa,  im Céli Dé      
I would be an anchorite in woods and mountains, if I were a saintly Céli Dé
Sheolfainn lon chugat, ó dhrúcht na maidine, le ceoilín aoibhinn, [‘s a] bheith le d' thaobh  
I would send to you a blackbird from the dewdrops of the morning with blissful music to keep you company
/ being by your side 
Is tú damhsa órg[a] an tsaoil, is tú grá geal mo chroí    
You are the golden dance of life, you are the bright love of my life (Rpt)     
Dá mbeinnse i seilbh, i gcas[adh] na séasúr, chuirfinn (na) síolta i ngarraí bán  
If I were in possession of the turning of the seasons, I would sow the seeds in a small fallow field
 ‘s (agus) as mo chroí, (d’fhásfaí) torthaí  an tsamhraidh ag sín[eadh] chun póg, béaldath do lá 
And from my heart, (would grow) the fruits of summer stretching to kiss, the coloured lips/lipstick of your day.
© Des Wade/Dónal Dalton 2013


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