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The Writing Of Tipperary lyrics chords

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THE WRITING OF ‘TIPPERARY’ Written By Bill Caddick, as sung by Iain MacKintosh with guitar chords by Marc Fahrbach. The is another first for this website as the guitar chords go. If you're looking for the other song about Tipperary it's here It's A Long Way To Tipperary

Tuning 3/4:

King (Dm)Edward the (C)Seventh, whom (F)some called The (C)Peace Maker, (Dm)died back in (C)nineteen-and-(Dm)ten,
He was buried at (C)Windsor and (F)in the  pro(C)cession were the (Dm)finest and (C)highest of (Dm)men,
There were (F)nine crowned (C)kings and (Dm)thirty proud (C)princes, (F)leaders of (C)many a (F)land,
And old 'Kaiser (C)Bill' rode (Dm)next to King (C)George, with his (Dm)Field Marshall's (C)baton in (Dm)hand,
Crippen was (F)caught that (C)very same (Dm)year, (F)Haley's (C)Comet flashed (F)by,
And the first of the (C)labour ex(Dm)changes was (C)opened, the (Dm)year the (C)old king (Dm)died.


The (Dm)Sidney Street (C)siege brought (F)nineteen-e(C)leven, when (Dm)anarchy (C)died in the (Dm)flames,
In London, in (C)June, King (F)George and his (C)queen played the (Dm)coro(C)nation (Dm)game,
"A place in the (F)sun ", said The (C)Kaiser in (Dm)Hamburg, (F)launching his (C)new battle (F)ships,
King George made (C)India, (Dm)Ireland and (C)Wales, (Dm)places for (C)right royal (Dm)trips,
Titanic was (F)launched on the  (C)day of the (Dm)Derby, (F)London's last (C)horse bus was (F)shelved,
The suffragettes (C)marched de(Dm)manding their (C)rights, then (Dm)in came (C)nineteen-and-(Dm)twe(C)l(Dm)ve.


Tuning 2/4 (C7 may be  replaced by C):

Jack (F)Judge went (C)down to (F)West Bromwich (C7)town, to (F)welcome the (C)brand new (F)year,
And he (F)went to a (C)pub, to (F)have a little (C7)sup, 'cause  he (F)liked his (C)pint of (F)beer,
(C7)When he'd had few he (C)started to sing and his (F)voice he lifted (C7)high,                  - break
My (F)name's Jack (C)Judge, I'll (F)write you a (C)song, from (F)Oldbury (C)town come (F)I.

My (F)name's Jack (C)Judge, I'll (F)write you a (C)song, from (F)Oldbury (C)town come (F)I.


Now a (F)Birmingham (C)man was (F)sitting close (C7)by and he (F)heard what (C)Jack did (F)say,
"A (F)pound to a (C)penny", he (F)says to (C7)Jack, "you (F)can't write a (C)song in a (F)day",
(C7)Jack just laughed, (C)sang another song and he (F)says: "I'll take you (C7)on,                          - break
This (F)after(C)noon I'll (F)write you a (C)song and I'll (F)sing it 'fore the (C)day is (F)done".

This (F)after(C)noon I'll (F)write you a (C)song and I'll (F)sing it 'fore the (C)day is (F)done".


Jack (F)laughed a(C)gain, (F)sang another (C7)song, drank a(F)nother (C)pint of (F)beer,
Then he (F)caught his t(C)rain to (F)Staly(C7)bridge where that (F)night he was (C)due to a(F)ppear,
And the (C7)very first day of (C)nineteen-twelve old (F)Jack Judge won his (C7)bet,                          - break
And the (F)song he (C)made and he (F)sang that (C)day we (F)never (C)will for(F)get.

And the (F)song he (C)made and he (F)sang that (C)day we (F)never (C)will for(F)get.


Tuning 3/4, slow:

In (Dm)March nineteen-(C)twelve brave (F)Scott and his (C)comrades (Dm)died while the (C)snow storm (Dm)roared,
And later that (C)year the good (F)General (C)Booth, (Dm)finally (C)laid down his (Dm)sword,
There were riots in (F)Ireland con(C)cerning home (Dm)rule, Mrs. (F)Pankhurst was im(C)prisoned a(F)gain,
Wilbur Wright (C)died, the (Dm)first of the (C)fliers, as the (Dm)Royal Flying (C)Corps was (Dm)named,
Titanic went (F)down in the (C)spring of that (Dm)year, taking (F)one thousand, (C)five hundred (F)lives,
And the Balkan states (C)blazed from (Dm)border to (C)border, as (Dm)death began (C)sharpening his (Dm)knives.


Of the (Dm)nineteen-ten (C)monarchs who (F)mourned for King (C)Edward, in (Dm)nineteen-thir(C)teen few sur(Dm)vived.
Though some of them (C)died in (F)peaceful old (C)age, a(Dm)ssassins took (C)many's the (Dm)life,
Death came (F)calmly to (C)China and (Dm)Sweden, but (F)elsewhere the (C)murderer's (F)hand,
Struck he Pasha of (C)Turkey and the (Dm)King of the (C)Greeks, while (Dm)Spain pur(C)sued death's (Dm)plan.
The armies of (F)Europe pa(C)raded and (Dm)postured, the (F)stock-pile of (C)weapons in(F)creased,
At The Hague, as (C)if in grim (Dm)despe(C)ration, they (Dm)opened The (C)Palace of (Dm)Peace.


More (Dm)suffragettes (C)marches brought (F)nineteen-four(C)teen, then the (Dm)Arch-Duke of (C)Austria was (Dm)slain,
In less than two (C)months all of (F)Europe was (C)marching, and (Dm)death was in (C)business a(Dm)gain,
Many a (F)young man, from (C)many a (Dm)family, (F)willingly (C)gave off his (F)all,
They died in the (C)millions for (Dm)dubious (C)victory, (Dm)answering (C)Kitchener's (Dm)call.
As they went off to the (F)war in the (C)trains and the (Dm)troop ships, they (F)sang as they (C)hurried a(F)long,
And their words echo (C)back from the (Dm)graveyards of (C)Flanders, (Dm)singing old (C)Jack Judge’s (Dm)so(C-Dm)ng -


Tuning 4/4:

It's a (F)long way to Tipperary, it's a (Bb)long way to (F)go,
It's a long way to Tippe(Dm)rary, to the (Bb)sweetest girl I (C)know,
(F)Good-bye Piccadilly, (Bb)farewell Leicester (F)square,
It's a long, long, way to Tipper(Bb)ar(F)y, but my heart (C)lies (F)there.


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