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Y DERYN PUR 6/8 song lyrics and guitar chords. [Welsh Landguage song] Recorded by Mary Hopkin.

English Translation

Y (C)deryn (F)pur 'r (C)adain (Am)las
Bydd (F)i mi'n (G)was di(C)brydar
O! (C)brysur (F)brysia (C)at y (Am)ferch
Lle (F)rhois i'm (G)serch yn (C)gynnar
(C)Dos di a(Em)ti, (G)dywed wr(C)thi
Mod i'n (Am)wylo'r (F)dwr yn (G7)he(C)li
(G7)Mod i'n (C)irad (G7)am ei (C)gwelad
Ac (F)o'i (C)chariad yn (Am)ffaelu (G)cherddad, O!
(F)Duw fa(C)ddeuo'r (G)hardd ei (Am)llun
Am (F)boeni (G)dyn mor (C)galad!

Pan (C)o'wn yn (F)hoenus (C)iawn fy (Am)hwyl
Ddi(F)wrnod (G)gwyl yn (C)gwylio
Can(C)fyddwn (F)fenyw (C)lana' (Am)rioed
Ar (F)ysgafn (G)droed yn (C)rhodio.
(C)Pan y'i (Em)gwelais (G)syth mi (C)sefais
Yn fy (Am)nghalon (F)mi fe(G7)ddyl(C)iais
(G7)Wele (C)ddynes (G7)lana'r (C)deyrnas
A'i (F)gwn yn (C)harddu'r (Am)oll o'i (G)chwmpas
(F)Ni fynnwn (C)gredu (G)un dyn (Am)byw
Nad (F)oedd hi (G)ryw an(C)gyles!

The pure bird on a black wing
Be my servant, free from care.
Oh hurry to my maiden
That I loved so early;
Go to her and tell her
That I weep salt water;
That I long to see her,
And because of love for her, cannot walk.

Oh God forgive the beautiful maiden ever
Strolling on her light feet
When I saw her, I stood straight
And in my heart I thought
There ist he most beautiful lady in the land,
Her smile shining upon all around her
I would not believe any men who said
That she is not some angel.


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