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You Will Never Grow Old

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You'll Never Grow Old Song Lyrics And Guitar Chords 4/4 (Tommy Sands)
Lyrics and chords fit Tommy Sands’ version from his album ‘Let The Circle Be Wide’ (use capo on 3rd fret) This song is dedicated to Tommy’s brother Dino Sands who died at young age in a car accident in Germany. According to the CD booklet, it took Tommy Sands thirty years to write this song.

The (Em)moment of (D)truth it lies (Em)frozen for(D)ever,
(Em)Deep in the (D)heart like a (Em)stone in the (B7)soul
The (Em)news it came (D)through, it (Em)told of your (D)leaving.
It (Em)seems just a (Am)few days a(Em)go -D

Your (Em)friends crowding (D)round  filled the (Em)hallway and (D)garded
(Em)Searching for (D)words to con(Em)sole, to ex(B7)plain
(Em)Shaking our (D)hands, (Em)“Sorry for your (D)troubles”
And (Em)each had a (Am)kind word  to (Em)say -D

You will (G)never grow old
But you’ll (C)always be (G)growing
In our (C)hearts, in our (G)minds
In the home you left be(C)hind
You will (G)never know pain nor the (C)anguish of (G)aging
You will (C)always be (D)young and (G)beautiful -G

(Em)Some plod a(D)long down a (Em)long road com(D)plaining
(Em)Finding no (D)joy in the (Em)wondrous (B7)mile
But (Em)you skipped and (D)sang every (Em)hour you were (D)given
[But you (Em)lived and you (D)loved all the (Em)hours you were (D)given]
And you (Em)filled up our (Am)hearts with your (Em)smile -D

(Em)Days turn to (D)years and the (Em)tears of lamen(D)tation
(Em)Flow to a (D)place where the (Em)waters run (B7)clear
(Em)Turning the (D)tides to a (Em)new cele(D)bration
For a (Em)love that will (Am)always be (Em)here -D
Repeat Chorus


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