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White Orange And Green

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White Orange And Green lyrics and chords and sometimes referred to Gay Galtee Mountains. Writer unknown. The first version is by Anne & Francie Brolly who do it in the same key as The Wolfe Tones version which is Gay Galtee Mountains lyrics chords , the second version is in the key of G Major from the singing of Paddy O'Conner. The guitar chords were worked out by Marc Fahrmach. At the end of the Paddy O'Conner video the songs drifts into an instrumental of Tabhair Dan Do La'mh and which Marc has also provided the guitar chords

Anne & Francie Brolly’s Version:


In the (F)Galtymore (Dm)Mountains so (Bb)far, far a(F)way

I’ll tell you a (Dm)story that (Bb)happened one (C)day

To a (F)fair Irish colleen, her (Bb)age was six(F)teen

And it’s (C)proudly she carried white, (F)orange (C)and (F)green.


A (F)bold English (Dm)Bobby by (Bb)chance passed that (F)way

Saying „Who is the (Dm)maid with the (Bb)colours so (C)gay?“

With a (F)smile and a sneer he jumped (Bb)off his ma(F)chine

De(C)termined to capture white, (F)orange (C)and (F)green.


„Oh, (F)give me that (Dm)banner!“, the (Bb)bold Bobby (F)cried,

„Come give me your (Dm)banner and (Bb)do what is (C)right!

Oh, (F)give me the banner, and (Bb)do not be (F)mean

For I (C)must have that emblem, the (F)flag of (C)Sinn (F)Féin!“


„You'll (F)not get the (Dm)banner!“, the (Bb)young maiden (F)cried

„Till your blood and (Dm)my blood, its (Bb)colours are (C)died

I (F)here have a rifle and (Bb)that’s nothing (F)mean

And it’s (C)proudly I’ll die for the (F)flag of (C)Sinn (F)Féin!“


Then the (F)poor Bobby’s (Dm)face turned as (Bb)white as the (F)snow

And he mounted his (Dm)cycle and (Bb)started to (C)go

Saying (F)“What is the use when a (Bb)maid of six(F)teen

Would (C)die for those colours, white, (F)orange (C)and (F)green?“


That (F)very same (Dm)day in (Bb)sweet Tipperary (F)town

That gallant young (Dm)girl from the (Bb)Galtees came (C)down

Her (F)poor heart was torn with (Bb)anguish and (F)pain

For that (C)very same day Tom Ashe (F)died for (C)Sinn (F)Féin.


Ye (F)young men and (Dm)maidens of (Bb)Erin’s green (F)shore

Raise a cheer for the (Dm)maid from the (Bb)proud Galty(C)more

And (F)keep on fighting the (Bb)cause of Sinn (F)Féin

Till we (C)make dear old Ireland a re(F)public (C)a(F)gain




Intro: G-Em-C-G-G


In the (G)bold Galtee (Em)Mountains so (C)far, far a(G)way

I’ll tell you a (Em)story that (Am)happened one (D)day

A(G)bout a young (Em)girl, her (C)age was (D)sixteen

And she (G)carried a (Em)banner, white, (C)orange and (G)green.-G


And a (G)young English (Em)soldier was (C)passing that (G)way

He saw the young (Em)girl with her (Am)banner so (D)gay.

He (G)laughed and he (Em)joked and got (C)off his ma(D)chine

Re(G)turning to (Em)capture white, (C)orange and (G)green -G


Play one verse instrumentally


„Oh you (G)can’t have my (Em)banner!“, the (C)young girl re(G)plied

„Till your blood and (Em)mine on the (Am)bold Galtees (D)lie

(G)I am a (Em)rebel and (C)that’s nothing (D)mean

And I’ll (G)lay down my (Em)life for white, (C)orange and (G)green!“ -G


And the (G)young English (Em)soldier turned (C)white as the (G)snow

Got on his ma(Em)chine and a(Am)way he did (D)go

For there’s (G)no use in (Em)fighting a (C)girl of six(D)teen

Who would (G)die for a (Em)banner white, (C)orange and (G)green -G


Melodic part:










Repeat melodic part



White Orange And Green Irish lyrics and chords


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