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The winning dream

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The Winning Dream Song Lyrics And Giuitar Chords, Seamus Moore. A song about winning the national lottery on a ticket that was bought from his weekly pension money. Seamus wakes up later to discover that it was all a dream. Better luck next time.

G) It’s early Friday morning I was (C) cycling into (G) town
the front wheel it was wobbling and the (D) mudguard falling down.
The (G) two legs of me trousers were tied (C) up with bits of (G) twine
and the pension book was telling me a (D) pint would soon be (G) mine.
“How ya, Mr. Murphy?” says the postal clerk to me
“Not too bad” say I “for a man at seventy-three!”
A fox came to me house last night and stole me only duck
“Buy a lottery ticket” she says “it might change a luck.”
I took the little girl’s advice and I handed her a pound
outside I scratched the ticket with a pen knife I had found.
Well I nearly dropped me trousers and grew a head of hair
when I realized I was a bloody millionaire.
No more hay or turf to save, no more feeding calves,
one kick from my big boot and the bike was in two halves.
Well I headed for the local - sure I was feeling great
and friends I never knew before came in to celebrate.
Not long after that I had a new suit on me back,
a new red car outside the door and a telephone on the rack.
The wife was wearing a blonde wig where her grey head used to be
and the Wellington tracks had disappeared from just below her knee.
I sat down admiring the new dress that she wore
a brand new set of teeth she got installed the day before.
Well I held her oh so tightly like when I was a groom
and we looked rich and graceful as we waltzed around the room.
But then I got an awful shock, I thought I nearly died.
I spied me ugly Missis as I opened up one eye.
With rollers in her old grey head, she nearly made me sick
“Get up and milk the cow!” she said “Your raving lunatic!”
Cause then I realized that it was all a dream
the cows were mooing in the field and the cat was at the green.
Me bike was thrown in the hedge and me trousers had a shine
‘twas lovely while it lasted that winning dream of mine.
‘twas lovely while it lasted that winning dream of mine.


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