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Songs From County Wexford Ireland

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Songs From County Wexford Ireland. This is a list of all the songs I have accumulated to date that are on this website. I have no doubt there are many more songs from Wexford that have not made the list. There have been very few ''new'' songs that have been written and recorded about this South East County of Ireland that I am aware of, although one would have to be living in the county to find out what new songs have been written of late.  Although Wexford gets a mention in over thirty other songs on the site, these are the one's that are specifically about Wexford Town or other towns in the County such as Buncloudy. Other songs deal with the 1798 rebellion and other battles, such as   Boolavogue and Kelly From Killane.

Boolavogue /Father Murphy Song


The Boys Of Wexford

Dancing At The Crossroads

At Monaseed On A Summer's Morning

Kelly The Boy From Killane

The Old Woman From Wexford

Slaney Valley

Wexford Town By ''The Pecker Dunne''

The Wexford Massacre

The Wexford Carol

Wexford Rebel Songs

Statue commemorating The 1798 Rebellion In Wexford

Compared to all the songs written about Dublin the list above looks quiet small, but if you compare the list to the one's written about Longford or Westmeath for example, well it's not too bad really. I'm sure I'm missing lyrics for many's the song about Wexford and if you have any could you please send them to me.

Wexford Carols. A collection of twenty two Christmas Carols , the lyrics of which were mostly written by two Catholic priests in the late 17th and early 18th centuries. Some of these carols are still sung to traditional melodies in the parish of Kilmore Co. Wexford every Christmas and are thus referred to as 'Kilmore Carols'. The lyrics of 1, Song Of Jerusalem was written by an English Catholis priest and first published in 1601. 11 of the song lyrics were written by Luke Waddinge and were first published in Ghent in 1684. Waddinge was a Catholic Bishop of Ferns Co. Wexford, and his 1684 book, A Garland Of Pious And Godly Songs also contained some religious  posies and poems written for the disinherited gentry of Wexford. The Waddinges were one of the main Anglo Norman families of Wexford and had lost all their land to the Williamite confiscation. Luke was banished twice from Ireland and suffered under the penal laws against the Catholic religion. His Carols reflect the influence  of the metaphysical poets and in some cases the religious persecution of the times. The remaining 10 carols are believed to be written by  William Devereaux, Parish Priest of Drinagh C. Wexford. In 1728 he collected a number of carols into a manuscript entitled  A New Garland Containing Songs For Christmas which included the ' Song For Jerusalem' and the 10 other carols of the Wexford collection. Although it is not certain that Devereaux wrote the lyrics for these ten carols, musical experts  as well as the people of Kilmore believe this to be the case. Some of the carols are still sung every Christmas in Kilmore by the choir of six men who divide into two groups to sing alternate verses. Only six of the traditional airs that were used survive, although some airs are used with the lyrics of more than one of the carols. Some of these songs have been recorded by Dordan, Noirin Ni Riain and The Voice Squad. They are published as The Wexford Carols. Source The Waltons Guide To Irish Music


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